Element Exist xmls

Hi all expert,

I encountered problem about my process. I created a process and I hand it out to my colleague, however, it always raise error while using Element Exist activity… Then I create very simple RPA process with the colleague’s PC that just find element and write its return boolean value, and it works well, it means TRUE is written in the log panel.

So I checked what is different between former process and latter process reading in xaml with text reader, I found only one point different in element exist activity like below.


Does anybody know what is this code mean and how can I solve this problem???

If somebody has good idea, please let me know it…

Thanks in advance,

The activities are incremented in the code. Like having 3 Write Lines >> you will have WriteLine_1 ; WriteLine_2 ; WriteLine_3.
It is possible that you created 5 times the ElementExist Activity, but erased the other 4 ones, remaining with the last version of ElementExist in your workflow.


Thanks for your information, i still don’t know why it occurred but it was solved with other way.