How to find an element exists or not in a web page?

Hi All,

I’m using Element exists activity to find whether + icon exists or not. If it exists, it has to proceed with next activities. otherwise Stop the flow.
But in the place of + icon if other icon is there it has to stop the flow.



My workflow which i created is proceeding with nxt activities even if other icon is present.
Please help me with the changes.
Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Vaishnav_Tej

Can you try with check app state activity? It will choose based if the target appears or not


Hi Vaishnav,

Have you tried image exists? It might help you.

Yes I have tried image exists also. But didn’t work.

Which attritbutes I’ve to use in selectors so that it differentiates the icon?



Using this activity also it’s not working. What changes I need to do in selectors?

Title and path, make those dynamic


Title and Path both are same. Position is also same .


Find the image or icon related tag and use that…currently you are using path tag…and the attributes you selected are same for both…use ui explorer and identify both images the inner ones and either the image pth or name or the id would be different…try using that…but again makesure to remove any dynamic prts as wel