How to identify a moving GIF or something similar?

Hello all,

I wanna know if it’s possible to identify a small moving GIF (it may be a small series of pictures, I’m not sure) sitting on a website?

Image recognition is off the table since the picture keeps changing. Any ideas on how to teach the robot to look for it?



As per my understanding there is no direct way to achieve this but the idea is interesting.
I will try to work on it and get back to you.


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A first approach, with little to no external resources could be:

  • Take screenshot
  • Compute hash of said screenshot
  • Wait some time (a few ms)
  • Take another screenshot
  • Compute hash again and compare to the previous one. If they differ, there is at least some kind of change or animation in the screen.

This isn’t 100% reliable, but it doesn’t require much effort.

Another possible approach, if you specifically want a gif, could be to download the entire page and see in the page itself (the html) if there’s any references to “.gif”

I wouldn’t recommend this option either, since the animation might just be some fancy CSS tricks

If you want to have a more reliable way of telling if there’s some kind of video, you need more advanced computer vision techniques (not necessarily machine learning based) that I wouldn’t even try to code directly in UIPath.

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