Captcha Challenge

I am getting a image captcha while running a robot.
Url :
Can i handle by uipath?

Hi @devanshb

im not a robot can be resolved by chrome extensions or click images but UiPath tool is not mature enough to solve image based captcha. what you can do is make robot to capture this image and send it to a human via email and ask him to type numbers from one to nine with a separator. based on the reply from him make robot to click.

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@devanshb, this has been a challenge for a lot of people, if you have time just browse through GitHub im sure theres an open source ML Module that can identify whats on the picture, then your robot will execute that module when it gets here. I did the same a while ago but mine was just letters and digits, so my robot would take screenshots of that and trigger the python module that extracted the text from that image and it worked 99%.