How to bypass captcha in website

These captchas are implemented to make it almost impossible for robots to get past them, I do not believe you can do this through UiPath

You would probably need some type of machine learning to look into the pictures to successfully verify.

However, a simpler option if possible.
Try to figure out if u can avoid the captcha from showing up at all?
Some websites will only give u captcha when they believe you are a bot, which is often determined by how many resources u are accessing each minute etc.

Keep in mind this is designed to stop bots, so it will probably be a very hard to do. :smiley:

Even at normal log in it request to bypass the site so as per your suggestion we have to go for machine learinig so is there any videos to learn machine learning or to bypass video for it?

okay thanks for the suggestion

Hello @sathish_Kumar6

It is called CAPTCHA for a reason: CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart)

May be if its your client’s web application that you’re trying to automate, their IT/Security Team may be could create an account in which it wouldn’t ask for Captcha solution.

Else you would have to use a very very big data set and would have to provide N number of objects in training, which won’t be easily possible.

Thus don’t try building some ML Skill, coz the amount of efforts required to solve the captcha could be averted.

Happy Automation! :smiley:

Hi @sathish_Kumar6 ,

Try this chrome extension: Captcha Buster

After installing this, you will get a new icon on the captcha screen. Clicking that captcha will be solved automatically using audio.

Hope it helps.


Get SSO enabled on this from customer side or get it approved from compliance team, then you can bypass.

Rest methods i won’t suggest as these change very often.


Thanks it is working but after clearing history and when tried again it is not working then later i tried after few mins it is working

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