Struggling with Image exists

Hi all, I am new in the world of Uipath automation. I am struggling for a few days already, watched different youtube tutorials but didn’t get to work. I want to find a specific number that changes periodically on a webpage, to alert me on e-mail when it reaches a specific value. Can someone please tell me what the best activity to use and what properties to input? Thank you so much!! Any help appreciated!

You could get the value through get attribute activity if its not an image.

Thank you very much, but I just tried it and it’s not working. It doesn’t return any error but just runs the sequence for 1 second then it ends. And it’s not even waiting for the number to appear. I can confirm that the number is text based, i just copied it and paste it like text.

I would Need to check with the workflow to analyze the problem.

Hi, thank you for kindly following-up with my issue, I attached a picture with the process.

If your concern is with time related then why not use date time method for it? It would be much easier.

It could be an idea but this is just an example, I want to use it for when text changes for example or just a number when it reaches a certain value :slight_smile:


You can use the GetText activity and check for the Value using the if condition.


Use this selector in “get attribute” activity. with attribute “innertext”
Hope it helps!

Hi, thank you for reply do you mean something like this? Using the IF condition?

Thank you I will try also this one