How to hover and click on the menus on acme website


I want to hover over the menu like “User Options” and then want to select option like “Reset test Data”.

Website I am using:


How can I perform this, I can inspect the element of menu but how can I inspect the element of it’s option?

Please suggest me some efficient option.


@ShenkiSinghai For your current, specific area of use, acme-test allows you to click on the user options and then you can indicate it just like anything else, it will stay accessible if you click the User Options instead of hovering. For a more general approach there is a neat trick I couldn’t find in any of the official tutorials. Add a Click activity, use the indicate on screen, get to the button you want to hover and press F2, it will give you 3 seconds to take actions in that page, you can hover, click, refresh, basically anything you can do on a regular day, you have the time-span of 3 seconds to do it. after those 3 second ends it acts as if you clicked indicate on screen button in the click activity and you can select the item from the menu.



Just use web recording in IE browser , it will work like charm…


Thanks, is there anyother activity/method by which we can do this except recording?

Recording basically uses desired activities in the order you interact with them. Think it as a sequence creator. After you record the action you want your robot to perform, then you can fine tune the activities from there, such as adding simulate click to a click activity, renaming a type into activity, whatever you can think to make it look prettier has to come from you but the structural integrity the recorder creates is in most cases sound. it is a good tool to mess around, you can learn which activity is suitable for what while recording. As I suggested before since you asked this;

Please suggest me some efficient option.

“Indicate on screen -> F2 Hotkey” should be your go-to approach since it is the easiest and fastest for the current task.

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