How to handle SAP timeout issue

One of our BOT will run continuously for 2 days to download report for each customer in SAP Logon.

Sometimes the sap screen is hangs exactly while trying to download the report. It will stay same screen until we manually kill sap logon process using task manager.
Note : Scripting is already enabled in SAP & Enable High speed Network LAN connection
What is the best way to handle this situation?

How do I add timeout exception for download report workflow and then Invoke “kill SAP and launch SAP workflow” ?

Hello @Sathish_Kumar_S

In this situation what you can do is, use Element exists or Check App state activity and check the status of an element in the SAP. If its not loaded properly Check App State will fail( after the time out). So it will return false. So you can use Kill process to kill the SAP and then relaunch the application.


  • You have mentioned while trying to download the file it hangs. So, wait for the file to download first using an activity called wait for download

  • If the file not downloaded after specific time then kill SAP and relaunch

Actually it is failing while trying to click “Export” button… Bot has to type directory name & file name after that… So it is not failing while downloading the file


In that case wait for the window (specific time) which comes after clicking on export. Use element exists to check that window present or not. If that window that does not present then kill SAP

You could use a retry scope for checking if the window is available.
If you have trouble entering the full path, sometimes MS Windows is slower than the robot, you can add an workflow which validates the file path. If it does not match you can enter the same path again