How to handle PWD Expiry in Unattend Bot used in Web Scraping Automation

I’m creating a Unattended Web Scraping bot which has login, the password will expire after some days, how do I handle this scenario?

An example to handle password change will be immensely helpful please.

I’m using UiPath 2020.10. I’m pretty new to UiPath Automations.

Please help.

Hi @sskanagal ,

You can store the Credentials as an Asset and retrieve them while logging into the website for scraping data.

Also, you can record the error message during login with the wrong credentials as a Business Exception or you can use an Element Exists to check if the error message has appeared , and if so then trigger a mail to whoever has access to the Orchestrator Assets so that he/she can make the necessary changes.

You can read more about Assets from here

Also, here is a short tutorial on using Assets

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

Hi @sskanagal

As ashwin mentioned you can store them in Orchestrator Asset

but question is How will you know when password is expired?

One of the way is by handling it inside the code
so Use element exist to check whether you have logged in successfully

if you haven’t logged in successfully
throw an exception and alert the required recipient/user via email

refer above link


Hi Ashwin,

Thanks for you quick reply.

My challenge, In a Unattended Web Scarping automation how to handle login password expiry? i.e. let’s say after 30 days or so the password of web application login will expiry and a new password to be changed. so the bot should take care of this password change in the Web application.

It’s like we are login daily into a web email and suddenly it pops up a password expiry and ask to change. - This part to be automated using Unattended Bot.

The bot can keep track of the expiry days, I’m trying to implement that to make my Headless Unattended Bot to be more independent of human interventions.

The bot will know the expiry date and it should handle the password change by it self. To implement this I need a solution to identify the Password change popup window and the fields to be filled with new PWD at runtime.