How to reset the password of the application when password expired after 60 days

Hi All,

I am looking for the automation for the below scenario:

  1. When I try to login any application say, my bot get failed as my password get expired
  2. I received the popup ‘Please set new password’
  3. Enter the new password
  4. Update the same password in the asset as well in the Orchestrator.

My approach:
Using Element exists, I am able to find that popup and will enter the new password.

Looking for any other approach for this, please suggest.

Checking for the existence of that element is going to be a good approach to this issue.

I would make the password reset a separate workflow, so if you detect the new password popup you invoke the workflow and it takes care of setting a new password and updating the Orchestrator asset. If you will often be updating Orchestrator assets it might be worth it to make that its own distinct workflow as well so that you can call it from other projects.

I would recommend resetting any system / application passwords on a regular basis prior to the expiration date.

So if password expires every 60 days, reset after 59 days etc. and this can be run on a schedule as its own process.

This way you will not stop service of processes at potentially critical times due to a password reset being required.