What's your process for updating users' "per robot" passwords?

Let’s say we have a team of 10 (or 1,000) users who want to run attended robots capable of logging into system X using each user’s respective credentials (i.e. credentials Asset), and system X forces the users credentials to expire every 90 days.

Given that we can persist each user’s credentials in a Credentials Asset “per robot”… when any given user’s password eventually expires, what kind of a process do you use to update that user’s “per robot” value in the Credentials Asset?

We don’t give our business users (the robot runners) access to update our Orchestrator assets via the Orchestrator GUI.

Do any of you have your users screen share with an RPA administrator who gives them control and allows them to update the password, or is everybody using the API approach? If so… have you created a custom app to make that API call, or are you using an attended robot to capture & send via API? :slight_smile:

@octechnologist Did you get any suggestions on this? We have same situation and looking for best approach. It would be helpful if you could let us know how you did that? If using API, could you share sample Input json used