Password expiry notification for Unattended Bot

Hi Team,

Password is mandatory for Unattended Bots and we need to update the password frequently when ever it is getting expired.

It would be good if it sends password expiry notification for Unattended Bot machines prior 7 or 10 days before password is getting expired.

I would suggest to add two more options like Password updation date and Next expiry(No. of Days) under Robots page. So that it will send notification based on the next expiry date.

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Hey @lakshman

Could you provide just a bit more context? Would you like Orchestrator to detect and sync with the machine about the password expiration times, or would simply having a separate setting to be setup in Orchestrator be enough for your use case?

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It should be something like this - If user trying to create Unattended/Non-production Robot then it should enable two options Password update date and Next expiry(No. Of Days).

Let’s say user updated the password today and it’s going to expiry in 90 days then we will provide below details.

Password Update Date - 31/05/2022
Next expiry(No. Of Days) - 90

Based on the above details it should send mail notification prior 10 days or 1 week about the password expiry.