How to handle google crome pop up

I want to click on ‘ok’ button in pop up window of google crome

Click activity of uipath do not allow me click on this button

How to do this?

Hi @Sneha_Ambulkar,

Did we try with Click image activity?


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Hello Sneha,

You can either:

  • Use a “Click Image” activity, selecting the OK field in Chrome. TIP: The smaller the image looks, the better will the Robot identify it. You can play with the Accuracy property if you want.

  • Send a command with a “Send Hotkey” activity. The command to send I think it would be an “enter”. You can select as the selector the Chrome window itself.

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As @kadiravan_kalidoss said, use Click Image activity or Computer Vision activities to handle this Pop-up’s.

And also UiPath is recommened to use IE browser to automate ACME site and BOT can easily identify these Pop-up’s.

While doing next assignment use IE browser instead of Chrome browser.

click image activity is not working


Then try with Computer Vision activites.


Try Send Hotkey with “Esc”

@Sneha_Ambulkar - It’s quite easy and tricky use Send Hotkey activity that will do it like a charm.
Now I can see you are working on ACME site then I will prefer to use IE rather than Chrome I am just saying you can use Chrome as well.

Thank You.

My issue is resolve now.

@Sneha_Ambulkar- close this thread then.

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