Not able to click "OK" on ACME page

I am not able to click “OK” popped up by the below screen after clicking “Update WorkItem”.
Used Click activity and when i indicate on OK whole window is highlighted .

please help me.

Hi @shruthi_arali,

I think think screen with OK button doesn’t come often may be this is coming because you are using chrome as browser.

Acme website is suitable for Internet explorer and it will be best on IE rather than on Chrome or firefox for Acme website.

Can you go to the same step in Internet explorer and see whether you are getting the OK button window.

But still can you help us with the screenshot of the OK button, if you are not getting the selector use click image.


hi @shruthi_arali

Try with Click Image activity, selecting OK !..
i think this should work .


Hi @shruthi_arali,

You are doing good…!:slight_smile:

But i would go with @anil5 suggestion. That is UiPath works well with IE rather to Chrome.

And coming to your issue, Kindly take that popup or prompt message window as a separate window. So use a Attach window activity and then click activity. For your reference please have a look at below xaml file which has the activity that you can use in your workflow at the place where you want to click ok in your sequence… Just copy and paste it in your workflow and validate once the selector for confirmation… or create on your own as suggested>

Hope this would help you…
Main.xaml (7.0 KB)


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@shruthi_arali use “send hotkey” activity and choose “enter”


Hello @shruthi_arali
i suggest use Internet explore instead of chrome.because i already face same problem with used IE for this work flow or all project also
chrome has some issue about alert box

or use “send hotkey” activity and choose “enter” as suggest @Eman_Radwan

Happy Automation


Hi @shruthi_arali,

Great…send hot key works, i tried. But use it within attach window activity to avoid other window getting impacted…


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@Palaniyappan @anil5 @sandeep13 @Eman_Radwan @jagadeesh9 … Thank u so much for ur response… I found multiple solutions from u all… … Thank you :slight_smile:

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