How to make robot click on crome default message browser pop up

Hello I am new bee in UI path.

I am unable to click “OK” and “cancel” button on crome default confitmation box.
Have tried “is image available” activity but it doesn’t work.

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Can u try with Click Command ?

when I use click activity. It does not pick crome default confirmation box.

Can u try to install this plug in …Next try with Click Command…

Have already installed plugin…
problem is when crome message box appears robot is unable to click on that.

Do you mean the set as default browser pop up?

If so, don’t you want chrome to be default browser?( modify the browser settings)

Can you share your xaml?

I am talking about this pop up.
Robot unable to click on OK button . have used refresh browser , close window , image exists, active window etc.

That’s an issue with Chrome automation, unfortunately.
These popups can be modal and partially sandboxed, which from accessibility perspective means that the plugin access does not cover them (in my experience at least).

Have you tried putting activity that handles it outside the Attach scope? IIRC this worked for me in the past.


@piyush.2224 could you find any solution, I have same issue