Can't indicate Button

Hi everyone,

Help, I need to click on the button “OK”, but I can’t identify it, I tried any Activities (Click, Attach browser, Focus image and after click…) but none of them work. What do you do in such cases?
I would appreciate any help.

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I hope that is a pop up and as far as I know, the pop up in chrome is not recognized by the uipath. So you can try sending the hot keys like escape or enter to close the chrome pop up. Not sure about this.


Kindly try with CLCIK IMAGE activity where choose that OK button as a image
Cheers @TattyOvva

Hi, @HareeshMR
Yes, thank you very much for the help Hot key is working (ESC).

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Thank you @Palaniyappan for your answer but Click Image not working too. The right decision said HareeshMR about Hot key.

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