How to handle 404 routes error while downloading monthly reports in performer process of uipath level3 assignment2


Please guide if anyone knows?


@SUPRIYA123 u must reset data in acme webpage. and then try it will work


ya.I did many times while executing this task in chrome browser because resetting data in IE browser not working.I am executing in IE browser.But i am getting same error.Any solution other than resetting data.Can we handle it?


@SUPRIYA123 resetting will take time. try to reset in chrome and then run the program in iebrowser. I dont know other solution than this. u have to wait for someone help.


Please reset the test data then, try to get reports from previous year e.g if you have 2017 and 2018 available pull the data from 2017


did that .getting 404 error in IE browser.In chrome for some i am able to get reports


You will only get some, lets say from 12 months you will get only 4-5 reports


ok I am trying now


Has this been addressed? It doesn’t work for me either despite resetting countless times.


not worked


Try by clearing browser cache, and if possible verify the same in Chrome as well if you are using IE


Didn’t work. I still get the same error.


@SUPRIYA123 can you put the full description of error 404, If the IE is using any proxy also it will give some errors.


This is the error. When there is something to download and the robot selects “save as”, it throws the pictured error.


Has anyone resolved the 404 issue?


I also faced this 404 error, but by reset the test data (have to wait until notification pop-up message shown, and click ok). Then, everything resolved.


Has anyone else tried all of these and still not able to download the reports? I left this assignment alone for quite some time after the 404 problem would not resolve. I resumed it today after almost two months and after debugging my workflow a couple times where it successfully downloaded some reports, it began throwing the 404 routes error again. I did the test data reset at least 4 times and reboot my machine, changed browsers and still no luck.

Pls help, I’d like to finish this before my 100th birthday :confused:


Does anyone solved this problem?

Level 3 assignment 2 download monthly report 404 error

The issue should be solved now :slight_smile: Please report back if it isn’t.


after resetting data & downloading reports,i am not getting 404 routes error.