Assign workflow

Hello, I am trying to make assign activity by pulling some values from cell in Excel.
Can you help me in providing workflow? as i am getting error. thanks.

The details are not enough, post the error screen shot & workflow.

Hi @Pandiyan_D,

If you want to get value from Excel Cell . You can use the Read Cell

If you want to assign the value to the excel cell , you can use the Write Cell,


Updated the error. I want to assign the cell G2 value from an excel.

Hi @Pandiyan_D.

the error says that you have not declare the row. can you check your variable panel or Arguments panel you have that row(datarow) variable.



Hi @balupad14,

Refer the below screen shot. still workflow is not working. Pl support me with correct VB expression for assign activity.

@Pandiyan_D Can you attach your workflow,excel and elaborate about your scenario

@Pandiyan_D try below statement in right side of assign activity without double quotes.

varDT_Bailment_DT.Rows(0).Item(“ur column name”).ToString

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Hello @Manjuts90,
Great thanks. Its working fine.

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