Fetch from excel

How to fetch data from excel by looping

Could you please elaborate more on requirement.
In case you looking for reading/writing from/to excel there are tons of post on the forum.
Please search before posting . :slight_smile:
Have you been through the academy yet?
If your query different then please let us know.

I want to work each row of excel by looping. like there has 6 row in sheet and when system go 1st row, read the value and paste in one place then after all activity of 1st row it should comes to next row …

Yes this a basic requirement and looping construct will be use here. So go to the training materials and videos first then you will be able to understand by yourself if still will face problem then search the forum, you will find plenty of resources here with examples.

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Thank you for your reply.

I have checked the video tutorials of excel and data table where using Foreach and getrow item. But I don’t understand how I take first row value and do some activity then it comes in another row.

Can you please help me out If possible.

Hello busy with some stuff but this is basic thing so anybody will help u.




The basic idea is that you have an integer variable holding your row number and then increment that variable by one each time you go around so that you can go through each row. I’ve attached a picture detailing this below. There are other methods using foreach and datatables but this is nice and simple and allows you to write back to the same excel spreadsheet easily.

let me know if you have any questions.