How to Get transaction items based on the reference?



I just want to know how can get transaction items based on the reference that we set during the set transaction?

Let’s say I’ve 10 transactions in a queue item. Here I just want to get next transaction which has a specific reference (tag).


can I get any help on this please?



Hi @manirajmkr,
I have tried it. But I am getting different thing.

In above documentation , it states that

 "You can search for a specific transaction or a group of them, according to a custom reference, which is 
   added through the Reference property of the Add Queue Item and Add Transaction Item activities. The 
  reference can be used to link your transactions to other applications used within an automation project. 
  Additionally, this feature enables you to search for certain transactions, in Orchestrator, according to the 
  provided custom reference."

But when i try to add the Item with the “reference” , I noticed this error.

Add queue item : Bad Request\r\nSome values used for input might be in an incorrect format. Please note that not all properties are compatible with older Orchestrator versions.

Note : Without Reference. it is working.

I don’t know Why ?

We hope some of our community people will help us. I am also interest to know this.

Thank you


hi @balupad14 thanks for your response.

Actually I’ve added the transactions to the queue.

Now I just want to get the transactions based on the reference (Ready to process).
Actually I’ve tried few things as attached below.

Above thing is giving me output in IEnumerable < QueueItem > type.
If you can tell me how I can get values from this datatype that would help me a lot.



Hey @manirajmkr

First, your “item” has to be of type QueueItem. Then you can retrieve the info you need based on the SpecificContent (which is a dictionary).

For example: item.SpecificContent("name").ToString retrieves the value of argument “name” that I have set in ItemInformation of Add queue item activity.


For this I’ve to use Get Transaction Items activity. But there I don’t see any property where we can filter the transaction based on the reference name in this case(Ready to process)

@ovi @balupad14


Why use Get Transaction Item? The example I gave you is to use inside the For each activity.



Thanks for the response actually I was looking for a code which get me the reference.

Here I found it transactionitem.Reference().ToString


Ok, that’s great, I thought you were looking to get the Specific Content of items when you already know the Reference.