How to work through only specific items in a queue based on reference

Is it possible to work on transactions (using ‘Get Transaction Item’ activity or similar) by filtering through a queue and only getting matching references? Ideally I would like to use this to group the transactions it works on (e.g. 1st work on all reference1, then reference2, and so on). I can’t use priority because there are more than 3 references.

I see the thread here, but it doesn’t answer the question either: How to Get transaction items based on the reference?

As per the filtering strategy stated in the article says Yes.


  • FilterStrategy - The strategy to use when filtering according to reference. The following options are available:
    • StartWith - looks for items whose references start with the value indicated in the Reference field.
    • Equals - looks for items whose references are the same as the value indicated in the Reference field.
  • Reference - Filters items according to their reference.
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At what point was this added to the Get Transaction Item properties? We are running 18.1.2 and I dont see that in the activity, and don’t see any updates available in packages


Answered my own question. Looks like this only works for those with studio > 18.3 and the UiPath system package installed needs to be > 18.4.3 (not sure exactly which one, but 19.3 has it)

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Any example on how to use Reference field in this activity(Get QueueItems)

The Reference Property was added in Orchestrator 19.1