How to get the transaction item which is new from Orchestrator

Hello I am working on Get queue items in the studio, when eve there is a new queue item added to the queue bot has to verify with the local reference and then it has to skip to add the same queue item again ,

I am trying to get the queue item from the orchestrator but even there is is now queues present in the orchestrator it still shows some data

Help Appreciated

Thank yoi

Use Get Transaction Item Activity to get the queue item from the Orchestrator.
Get transaction item activity only gets the new items from the Queue.

Karthik Byggari

Thank you for quick response, but there is a catch that when eve there is a error in the process bot will trigger the process again from init and then it will fallow the same steps as it did previous when it is doing for the 2nd time it should not add the the data to queues which are already added .so I guess I need queue item instead of transaction item

You can maintain one argument which tracks the retry count.

if retryCount > 0 Then
//do not add data