How to get the text from pdf and its related particular text

BMO Harris ACH report 06-10 to 06-14-19 (1).pdf (86.9 KB)

Hi from the above pdf i need to watch “-SETT-HEWSONY” text present or not if it is present i need to get its Debit amount and Date - Please can anyone help me with this

Hi @ryava_santhoshi

Use Read pdf with text and pass it to a string variable
Based on the string variable do the manipulations

Like substring method


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thank you so much for reply @ Ashwin S i am kind of new to this stuff can you please let me know in detailed manner

Hi @ryava_santhoshi

  1. Use Read pdf with text activity and give the path of the file and give range as All and pass it to string variable

2.use string variable to message box and see where the text is

3.based on that use the text and give like this strvar.tostring.substring(10,5)

This is an example :slight_smile:

Ashwin S

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i tried its not working for me please if you donot mind can you provide me xmal