How to read text from PDF

How to read text from PDF and scan the particular text from PDF?

Hi @kiranbandi,
You have Read Pdf activity and also the read pdf with ocr then you can get the text in the pdf.
You need to download the PDF activities package from the Manage packages

Thanku Vashisht. Actually our requirement to search PDF with keywords (for E.g. Java or Hadoop) and if that keyword matching in that pdf we want to place that pdf into some folder. can you pls suggest in this?

1.You can use the Read pdf activity and store it in string and then search for the keywords in the string.
2.If you find keywords then use the move file activity to move file to another location.

thanku once again. How to search the keyword in that string?

Hey @kiranbandi,
2.You can keep this and check.


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if we want to search mutliple keywords then we need to use contains or any other option?

pls give me response for the above query?

According to my knowledge the one thing you can do is:
1.Store the keywords in an array and keep it in a for loop and check for every keyword.
2.Keep a flag variable and change the value if it is present(1) and not present (0) then it may be easy.

thanku Vashisht. we will try and let you know

Hi Vashisht
right now we r facing one issue that while opening PDF everytime it is showing default PDF screenshot and we have to click on the link in the PDF page.

so how to eliminate the above step? pls adivce us…

Hello @kiranbandi ,

Please refer below post and let me know if you need any help further

Hi @kiranbandi,
Sorry for late reply,
Open the PDF using the start process and give the PDF file path,Then i guess it will open correctly.