How to read this pdf

Hello community i have a little bit difficult task is read a pdf amount but some times there are more than one amount or sometimes theres is nothing, another problem that i’m facing is i need to convert the pdf to word a save that word in pdf so i’m able to read the amount i left the pdf if you have any idea to perform this process or something that could help me. My main doubt is the hoy to read if a text->amount exist or not.

ACSA_DOCUMENTO 4.pdf (114.5 KB)

The amount that i’m triying to read is “Arrinedo de Televia”

ACSA_DOCUMENTO 7.pdf (108.7 KB)

Check here does not exist :confused:

@naotosx read pdf and output the value into String variable. with if condition check whether
“Arrinedo de Televia” text or not, If text exists get the value by string manipulation, if not exist move on to next pdf file.

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this part “with if condition check whether” how can i do this ? supposed that my read pdf variable is pdfText just with a if ?i don’t get this :confused:

like this: ?



monto = pdfText.Split.Contains(“Arriendo de Televía”) this way to extrac the amount is good? i’m getting a false in the if