Get Text Problem with PDF

Hi EveryOne,
When Am using Get Text Activity to Get the Pdf’s Data it returns the Same Data of all The Files.How can i overcome from this problem.I used Get Text,Get Full Text,Get Ocr Text And i Tried In UiExplorer Also But Cant.If any help is Appriciated.

Thanks in Advance

you shouldn’t use Get Text.
just install the PDF package and use Read PDF Text.

image Thanks For your Response.
Here Problem with the Return Value How can i get a Particular Value by using the Read Pdf Text.

Hi @krishnareddy,
Use the PDF with OCR in the PDF Activities package for accurate results.

Hi @Vashisht Thanks For Ur Response
I will Share you the Zip File Can you Please do (98.9 KB)


You can read the PDF using (Read PDF text) which will return a string, further string manipulations on output like(splitting the whole text on newline etc.) can get you the particular value.


If so,you need to use the acrobat pdf editor not the reader. (97.3 KB)

Here is a sample how to get the Date. You can do the rest