How to extract portion of pdf text file

i have a pdf text file . now i want to get some portion of the pdf . please check the screenshot

i want to get the value **Company London Ltd **
**4 London Bridge **
**London **

how can i achieve this . please suggest.

please note i have get the value of T: +44 (0) 20 7288 5537 by using below code

> text_pdf.Substring( text_pdf.IndexOf("T: ") + "T: ".Length).Split(Environment.NewLine.ToCharArray)(0)

but for company details it is not working . please suggest how would i get the value.

thanks in advance

Use regex to extract the text.

First do read the pdf using read pdf text activity and then you will get data in string format now attach that data here so that we can build the logic easily,
we can use regex or string manipulation

can i have one example ?

okay . let me do that

PDF1.pdf (307.9 KB)

before follow your instruction please also take my pdf .

okay @roysupriya21

This only one formats or you will have any other format’s ?

i don’t have any-other format.

acctually this is my original assignment .

You said you want this data but gain as per previews comment you want bold data

If this is the data then split the data with new line (Environment.newline) then find the index in which line you want take the dara from that line like