How to get the Robot ID

Hello colleagues, I am trying to execute a job through the orchestrator API, but I get the following error

Some of the robots provided don’t exist.

This is the request I am sending
“startInfo”: {
“ReleaseKey”: “2e5955b7-1137-4b07-8273”,
“Strategy”: “Specific”,
“RobotIds”: [
“NoOfRobots”: 0,
“JobsCount”: 0,
“Source”: “Manual”,
“InputArguments”: “{"Info: ":"Launch from Power Automate"}”

And the previous data I get from this result
“Key”: “2e5955b7-1137-4b07-8273”,
“ProcessKey”: “ReportecBot”,
“ProcessVersion”: “1.0.19”,
“IsLatestVersion”: false,
“IsProcessDeleted”: false,
“Description”: “Wizard for updating budget, technical management and VAR card reports”,
“Name”: “Report Bot”,
“EnvironmentID”: null,
“EnvironmentName”: “”,
“EntryPointId”: 758997,
“InputArguments”: null,
“ProcessType”: “Process”,
“SupportsMultipleEntryPoints”: true,
“RequiresUserInteraction”: true,
“IsAttended”: null,
“IsCompiled”: false,
“AutoUpdate”: false,
“FeedId”: “719625af-08fd-4a0c-8b93-cd9dcbc2552f”,
“JobPriority”: “Normal”,
“SpecificPriorityValue”: 45,
“OrganizationUnitId”: 883844,
“OrganizationUnitFullyQualifiedName”: “Cafe/ColCafe”,
“CreationTime”: “2022-07-08T23:13:44.82Z”,
“CreatorUserId”: 94533,
ID: 9020102,


I am taking the value of the RobotId from the Id tag of the orchestrator API result, Why it tells me that the robot does not exist?

Check this thread maybe it will help Cannot Start a job via an API call in Postman "startJobParameters must not be null"

Hi @Juan_Esteban_Valencia

Check out this thread


Hello everyone, I managed to solve it, it was able to obtain the robot Id by consulting the following endpoint


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