Orchestrator REST API Robot Id

Hi All,
Thank you for the helpful discussions on Orchestrator REST API usage in the forums. They were quite informative.
There is one missing point that I would like to get clarified - the Robot Id parameter that is used to start a job in orchestrator.
The sample json that is used when starting a job is:

“startInfo”: {“ReleaseKey”: “a1c1321c-89fd-48a3-a28a-aa4d6f7c96bb”,
“RobotIds”: [

"NoOfRobots": 0,
"Strategy": "All"


If I set the Strategy to “Specific”, we can trigger a specific robot by its id. How do we get this Robot Id?
If I perform a HTTP request to https://platform.uipath.com/odata/Releases , the json response contains an “id”. Does this id refer to the Robot id?.
Can someone confirm this?

Get the status of all robots from sessions.
The “Id” you get from the session is the Bot ID.
You can use that to trigger a specific robot in orchestrator.


@rachrahul2, Thanks for the response. That sounds good.

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