How can we get the robot ID, robot name or machine name from a run?


Our scenario is as follows:

We have a robot park with numerous robots. When interacting with an application there are times when the robot fails to lift a Citrix service. Today when this situation occurs we get an alert informing of this event.

We would like to improve this report with the inclusion in the alert of the name of the machine or the name of the robot or the ID of the robot in order to know in which equipment this incident is occurring without having to review all the jobs that are being executed. at that moment.

Does anyone know how this can be obtained? What would be incorporated in the code that allows us to obtain the described parameters? How could the robot ask itself what is its idenfitication?

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hello @Yur

you can retrieve the machine name from the environment variable, like below

MachineName = Environment.MachineName //Returns the machine name

you can send this name in your alerts or in mails.

this will be helpful if your sending a mail at the end of the process.



Hi @Yur

Check this post

How to get details like jobId, robotId, windows username


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