Feature request: Queue Item - Refresh method

lets have an activity or API Method for refreshing a QueueItem e.g. after setting Progess

  • Yes we can do it with available option like get QueueItems and reference filter or ORC API
  • But it will be easier to have it offered by a dedicated option
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If we had a simple activity that gets a single queue item, and can get it by ID, that’s all we’d need.

Thank you both for your feedback. I would like to understand the usecase here.

What do you want to achieve?

Do you want an activity that is just getting a transaction item for a queue but not to get a new ti and mark it as in progress? Do you just need to retrieve data/status/etc about a specific transaction item?

I spoke in the last time with some more developers and clients. They reported that they all did face such/similar scenario.

When working with a transaction Item variable and did set progress or using it for others (Postpone, Status Settings) the result of the used activity is not reflected back on the local variable.

Sure we can use activities / ORC Api for refreshing the transaction item properties, but if we would have a dedicated method for this, then we can do it more easy. Also we would have a control on when we do the refresh e.g. for optimizing the round-trips to the Orchestrator.

BTW: we also do know the dream that an activity for updating the SpecificContent Data would be helpful. Maybe it can be combined with this refresh method and can solve more at the same time

I’m in the same boat here - Once an update is applied to a queue item the row version in the variable is no longer valid and further updates cannot be made. In my user case I want to setthe item reviewer and set the status to In Review, but the second call never works if I don’t re-get the item. This feels clunky when the item is passed in as an argument. Indeed, it’s not always easy to get the correct item, as the standard activity relies on filtering to reference which may not be unique so you are forced to use the API again to get using id and this doesn’t truly allow you to update the queue item variable but ust get the new rowversion.