How to get selected item in Drop down, The Excel contains Macro enabled

I have macro enabled excel sheet with different tab, in that sheet with few drop down with list of text. When i select the drop down text, it appears index value. Where all the values(Text) are available in different tab with hidden mode. i need to select it dynamically. how to get that selected item…

Can any one help me. Thanks in advance

I would like to help you, can you please replica the same in an empty excel and attach here.

is there only option to select from the drop down or you can enter the value and get the data.?

Business.xlsx (11.4 KB)

Please find the sheet. due to business restrictions cant share full sheet

Only drop down

sample file attached

Test.xaml (7.1 KB)
You can use this xaml file

Thanks for Reply. Here I don’t get any selected item result.