Working with drop down menu's inside Excel files

Hello guys,

I’m trying to perform some actions inside an Excel sheet which has dropdown menu’s. It’s an old template file I downloaded from the web for exercising purposes. Name I’m trying to select a client name (called “debiteur” inside the file) from a dropdown menu, or add it to the list if it’s not there. The problem I’m facing is that the selectors are really unreliable inside Excel, and my robot also can’t find the text it’s supposed to, even though it’s right there.

The Excel and workflow are embedded below, please let me know if you have a solution.

Main.xaml (38.7 KB)
Boekhoud Macro.xls (1.5 MB)

Hi @evangemert,

Which sheet you are referring in the attached excel sheet. Because the workflow refers to “Sheet1” which is not available in that excel.

@sarathi125 I’m referring to the sheet ‘Factuur invoer’. The activities I’m trying are inside the ‘For each row’ sequence. The ‘sheet 1’ you’re referring to is in a different workbook, from which I’m collecting the data to process into the bigger excel.