How to get row index based on location?

Dear community,

I am having trouble identifying the row index based on this cell (red circle)?

Can someone help me solve this problem?


hi @JustZaffan

Use find/Replace in excel it would give you the exact details


Hi @Anil_G

i dont find this activies in my UIpath.

Is it this additonal package need to be install?


Are you on modern experience s the excel package updates?



How about to use LookUpRange activity as the following?

This returns address string. We can extract row number from it using the following expression.





nope. i just realised that i am not using the modern experience.

But when i enable it, i found it.

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Can we define the keyword?

Because in my case, i have 3 keyword which is 2022,2 and apr.

Hi @JustZaffan

If you want to find the index only then youc an try thsi as well

dt.rows.indexOf(dt.AsEnumerable.Where(function(x) x(0).ToString.Equals("2022") AND x(1).ToString.Equals("2") AND x(2).ToString.ToLower.Equals("apr")).FirstOrDefault)

This will directly give you the index of matched row

you can change the conditions as per need


Hi @Anil_G ,

for find/replace value activity,

can we specify the value to find based on conditions?

for example, i have 3 condition.

let say it passed this 3 condition, it will select that cell.

Hi @JustZaffan

Please see my previous comment …That way you can give multiple conditions

copying the same here

dt.rows.indexOf(dt.AsEnumerable.Where(function(x) x(0).ToString.Equals("2022") AND x(1).ToString.Equals("2") AND x(2).ToString.ToLower.Equals("apr")).FirstOrDefault)

dt is the datatable you have data in

Output is an interger directly assign the value to a integer variable



FYI, another approach

We can use ForEachExcelRow for it in modern excel as the following.


hi @anil

i already try using method but it return me -1.

i am not sure why it return that value

Hi @JustZaffan

It might be because the values might have spaces after every tostring try including a trim and it should work

Or instead of equals use contains



Try this it worked

dt.rows.indexOf(dt.AsEnumerable.Where(function(x) x(0).ToString.Contains("2022") AND x(1).ToString.Contains("2") AND x(2).ToString.ToLower.Contains("apr")).FirstOrDefault)




Just wondering

if the condition has 3 value to consider, we can also add “andalso” for the thrird condition

currentrow(“year”).tostring = “2022” and also currentrow(“month”).tostring = “april” currentrow(“line”).tostring = “1”

Yes, like the following.

currentrow("year").tostring = "2022" andalso currentrow("month").tostring = "april" AndAlso currentrow("line").tostring = "1"


it still return -1,

just to be clear

dt.rows.indexOf(dt.AsEnumerable.Where(function(x) x(0).ToString.Contains(“2022”) AND x(1).ToString.Contains(“2”) AND x(2).ToString.ToLower.Contains(“apr”)).FirstOrDefault)

is it x(0) in statement above refer to the first column?

Hi @JustZaffan

Yes x(0) refers to the first column

index start from zero

You can as well give column names instead of index


i already try to run the work flow as per suggested by you.

it not works.

it just run through the whole row and end without any return current index


Can you share your worksheet? it’s no problem if dummy data.