Find the row index if a particular keyword is present in a particular Column


I want to get the row index of the row which has the status "1. Neu " in “Status” column(L).
I am able to get the status if “1. Neu” by creating a Boolean variable, but unable to get the row index of the same.
Kindly assist.

Have you tried this activity -

Yes, but I need help with searching for the row index for that specific cell

Can I know what output you are getting when using lookup range?

I get a null value

It means is it unable to find the value in the given range.
Can you please check for the value present in the excel.
This activity returns the range string where it found the look up value.


Can you help me with the logic to get the row index for that row?

I will send you the sample XAML file with 1 or 2 solutions by today evening.

Karthik Byggari

Hi Karthik,

Did you manage to get time to look into the solution.


Hi Nikhila,

I am really sorry for not sending you the workflow. I will send you today for sure.

Karthik Byggari

Thanks. (30.5 KB)


Thanks Karthik

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Hi @KarthikByggari

Can you please share the xaml file, bze am not able to download the zip folder