Want to find row index based of cell value from a Datatable

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suppose we have this above datatable and we know that their is a value in column Column 4 i.e. r so want to get the index of that particular row.
in current example the index value based on Column 4 value r is 2
please help

Please refer below thread


It has answers related to same requirement


Hi @ravig1206 ,

You can you lookup Range activity inside excel application scope.

output = D4

You can get index number

OutIndex = Cint(System.Text.RegularExpressions.Match(output,“[0-9]+(.[0-9]+)”).ToString)-2

Note: If you targeting specific column, Mention Range in Lookup range activity “D” . So that can get range of specific column value


Hi @ravig1206 ,

Maybe you could check with the below Expression :


Let us know if you are not able to implement the above approach.

Hi @ravig1206

For your Scenario:

If you want to Check specific Column name value contains your expected Value so that u need the row index ofthe Current row.

U can use below Activity for simple way.

Note: if you want all Row index values for the Entire column validation u can proceed and add the collection value as array/list.


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