Get the row index on the basis on value of index from excel

I want to get the row index on the basis on value of index from excel.
I am reading excel file and then getting first column values from excel.
Then iterating data column using for loop.
I am matching my value to data column value. I want to get the row index on which value is matched.

we can get the row index with this xpression inside the FOR EACH ROW loop

where we can use this inside a IF condition if the condition you want gets matched and goes to then part where use a assign activity like this
int_rowindex = datatable.Rows.IndexOf(row)

Cheers @muneeb

I am reading first column. Then using for loop to iterate column values and using if statement i am match value.I am not using datatable.I want to check on which row this value exist. Then i want to write data to that row

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Fine what is the input type been passed here
Is that a array or list
If so then we can get this expression inside the THEN part of IF condition
if the array variable named arr_variable

Int_index = arr_variable.IndexOf(item)

Where item is the variable from FOR EACH activity

Cheers @muneeb

I have Data Column. I am using for loop on Data Column.My Input is string type.I have shared screenshort. In if condition i want to get row index.