Get all mail replies from Imap

Hi devs, please how do I get all replies from mail using Imap, I have currently used
for each mail in mailMessages
if (mailMessages.Subject.Contains(“Re”) Then
But it seems it’s getting reples sent directly to the mail but it’s not getting replies nested in mail

Hello @stanstilo ,

All the replies in that same email would be considered as the separate email.
Like this
it can not be considered as 2 email in actual it would be 5 email once you will used get IMAP mail messages in the output there would be 5 element not 2.

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Hello @stanstilo

You can provide the expression in the Get IMAP mail message activity itself.
Then you can loop through each email.


But get Imap is seeing it as 2 not 5 form the mail count @Sanjit_Pal