Reply Email Outlook issue

Hi !

I am getting problems to reply mails with outlook.

What I am doing?

I read email from the Sent Item folder
I need to filter some mails
I put the filters mails in a list
In a for each I need to reply each email
My problem is:
if in To I have 2 emails just reply to the first one.
If in To I have one email and in CC I have another email just reply to CC
Any ideas how to solve this?


hello @carmen

one solution i have, you can get all the email Id mentioned in the TO part using get text Activity as a string

then split the string based on the ; , after split you will get a array of string values , then get the size of the array , if it is more than one then get the value in the 0th index of the array( Means Array(0)) which will give the first email ID in the TO Part.

then use type into activity with Empty field property enabled.

you can do the same thing for CC part as well

i hope this will help you