How to get OCR Text thorough loop in citrix environment?

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I am dealing with a scenario where there is a CITRIX environment. I have to click on the certain row get the OCR value of a particular item and then perform certain actions. I have to repeat the process for all the values that appear on the screen.

Note: Web scrapping is not workable. I have tried it
Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

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There are two options to cover this

  1. We can use computer vision table extraction that is CV Extract Datatable CV Extract Table

2. We can use Screen scrapping with Get ocr text activity which will help us get the text as well

And finally get the table itself as a output and loop through that and use CLICK OCR TEXT activity to click on that specific data

For more ideas on how to access a text on a image have a view on this doc

Cheers @enthusiastic

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