Extracting data from a table within a citrix machine


I have a use case to implement. There is a table inside citrix machine and i want to extract data from it because if i have the exact same to put in the table then i have to skip and move to the next process. If the column values are different then have to proceed saving those records in the data table. Screen scrapping and data scrapping are not working.
I am not allowed to use computer vision and citrix extention.
Is there a way that i can extract?

i tried using OCR and the results are not good.

Hi @rameezimtiaz

Why aren’t they allowing to use Citrix extension or the computer vision?
This will make the automation much more difficult.

If there is no specific reason, you should try to convince them to get those installed because that will give much more reliability and accuracy for the automation than only relying on image based automation as you have already experienced a low accuracy on OCR