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Hello everyone!

I hav the following problem: I need to read a colunm of a table that spawns dynamicaly in a Citrix enviroment, but always underneath a certain colunm title.

So when I activate the Citrix, this particular colunm has the habit of appearing in diferent positions on the screen. Always on the same pixel height, but the horizontal coordinates can change dramaticaly.

Is there a way for me to find the position of this colunm’s title and the set the OCR to search a fixed rectangle underneath the title and find the value I’m looking for inside this colunm?

I know its possible to manipulate the coordinates as variables, but I’m not sure its possible to insert said coordinates as the clipping region the OCR has to search the information I’m looking for.

I’m rather new at this, and finishing the Academy, so if anyone could help, that would be amazing!


Sounds like you might need to use the “Find OCR Text” activity to locate the column. Then, use the element variable that is returned in the Output property to change the clipping region with the Set Clipping Region activity.

For information to set the clipping region check here:

Here is a snippet from something I did a while ago:

The Set Clipping Region essentially changes the box that it is looking in, so you would use that element in the Target property of other activities after you change it to the next value.


One more alternative, UiPath Studio 18.4 gives capability for native Citrix Automation. You will be able to get selectors in Citrix environment as well.

There are some prerequisites for setting up environment. You can learn more here:


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The Citrix enviroment in question is running an application made probably around 1995. UiPath only reconizes the windows of the app as elements. Native and Full Scrapping methods return nothing. Thanks for the tip, though. I’ll try Clayton’s solution, see if it works and report back.


Thanks for the answer! This solved my problem beautifuly!

I hope to one day be as good at this as you guys :slight_smile:

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