Citrix Automation: How to find the given text without OCR

I am doing Citrix Automation. I need to check whether a given ID is there in the table or not.

I tried both Google OCR & Microsoft OCR. Below are the results:

  1. Text is getting captured only when i select the region around that particular text.
  2. If I select the whole window/whole table/even a single column in a table, not even a single word is getting recognized. Some times, showing irrelevant symbols, sometimes giving error “Cannot scrape the element”. I have tried changing the scale as well.

Kindly help on this.

It is always better to avoid OCR so if there is an option to Select&Copy to clipboard I would recommend it.


I would assume that the “given ID” is a dynamic value, meaning it changes? If so, then you are pretty much limited to OCR. Remeber, with Citrix, you are working with an Image. Typically, I use the Microsoft OCR in these scenarios. You might try Relative Screen Scraping in order to capture ID Text, but without a screen shot, it is had to tell exactly what you are dealing with.

I would suggest you review the following information:
OCR Activities (OCR Text Exists)

OCR Click Text inside TRY / CATCH

OCR - Unable to find and click Text

I tried but, it’s still not working.

Just for clarity…I meant to say some given value(like Trade ID) when i use the word “ID” in my question and it is not the ID in Selector/locator

And wanted to know is there any other method to find text in Citrix application other than OCR(scree scrapping)