Data Scrapping in Computer Vision


Do we have any method where we can capture the table values in a Citrix or Remote environments?

Any help would be appreciated.


@voranir - Use Get OCR text Activity. You will be able to fetch the values from Citrix or Environments but you will not be able to fetch the values in Table format.

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Yah we can go for SCREEN SCRAPPING METHOD from design tab in studio
this will give us output as string variable which can be sent to GENERATE DATATABLE activity that would give us datatable as output

Cheers @voranir

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Thank you for your replies @anmolk171 and @Appalachian.

For both of the above, I would need to install “UiPathRemoteRuntime.exe” on the client machine which I am not allowed to.

Secondly, the table is dynamic which can go to around 500 rows of data.

Scrapping them individually would not work. Is there any other workaround for this?

Thanks in advance!!

is this issue resolved?Let me know the resolution without installing UIpathRuntime.exe on remote machine