How to get names from the Find Children activity




I have used “Find Children” activity to get the all the element from dropdown.
My question is how do we get all the individual element names from the dropdown.
And I need to pass this individual value in the “Select Item” activity.
Can any one help me on this.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @DudduPavan

Check it out this thread and you will get to know how you can handle this :slight_smile:


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use aaname
Main.xaml (10.9 KB)



i also have the same question, i want to get names from find children activity. i am not able to download the files given by you, when i clicked on that file i m getting one html script. could you please give the solution.



@Ananthaeswar2 How about right click and save as?


Dear @aksh1yadav / @ddpadil

I am facing can you please check and suggest the solution below is the link of post


Mr.aksh1yadav, help please. How to get select item from HTML page?


Hey @11113

If you wanna get the selected item from the drop down then you can check the below thread. it has been done there.


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Hi Aksh,

I have been trying to pass dynamic selectors to a particular page which when opened with IE shows all the root elements but is rendered as a single form in Chrome when I viewed the page source. Is there any way around for this issue? Please suggest what could be the possible reasons and solutions if any.


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