Left Hand Navigation and Data Scraping

I am attempting to data scrape a left hand navigation website and capture each hierarchy but when I use the Extract Correlated Data I continue to receive ‘Please indicate fields that are correlated with the fields you indicated to define the first column’. The first column extracts just fine but if I expand the node I cannot get the associated fields without the above error.

I have attempted to attach an example but I’m not sure if it uploaded correctly.

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Data Scraping only works for tabular format data .Error clearly indicates that data are not correlated .If website is not internal then can we have look.

Its critical that I’m able to capture this data. Is there another means to do this other than data scraping?

You can try Find Children Activity and probably you can extract the aaname of each children in a loop into an array or list.


Thank you but does anyone have an example of performing this? I have read thru and viewed provided examples but nothing appears to be close to what I need. Thanks in advance.

This will give an idea

Children.xaml (9.4 KB)


Thank for the attached example. I deployed the methodology and I now have the msg box returning data but ONLY the top level. In my case ‘General Electric’ appears the correct number of times but it should be listing the child data. I noticed that the example contains an idx setting but if I attempt to enter a value, the application crashes.

I have used UiExplorer to determine the correct element(s) but every option I try it continues to return the aaname of the highest hierarchy.

I am confident Ui can perform this function but I need assistance on what to enter as the selector.

I’ve included a screenshot of the UiExplorer output for your review.

I’m also including my work to date for someone to review to see where I’m going wrong.CQR Company Data2.xaml (19.7 KB)

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Finally made some progress but still need assistance.

After my parent level I inserted a Get Attribute (aaname) activity. Using a msg box I now have all 3 names but in a single line.

I’ve tried to use a For Each on the output variable of the parent but receive the standard error of disallows implicit conversion from Uipath.core.element to system.collections.ienumerable.

If I try to use the Find children activity I do not receive the 3 names but continue to get the aaname value of 'General Electric.

It appears that I’m filtering on the wrong value in my Find Children activity.


Thank you for all your assistance and I now have the solution working as expected.

GetAncestor\FindChildren\GetAttribute and leveraging the use of ForEach and removing all references to the IDX value was the key to success.



can anyone help me for this question, Problem

@vvaidya Nice Sample shared , kinly help me with ideia to click on the desired child taken as input.


If you are looping the children, you can validate the desired Child by using Get Attribute.

Once you find the Child, drop the click activity and pass the
Child into Element Parameter or Child.Selector into Selector Parameter.


Many Thanks @vvaidya I tried above on my application , I could not worked on my application.
Just noticed that my application has expandable table inside TD, not able to get child element please check the attached XMAL and help.

Click on Child.zip (106.1 KB)

Below is the target area



Can you share the Url of your page, so someone can help you on this?

Looks like https://www.guidewire.com/products/claimcenter from the selector but can we have exact path where we can see target tree view?

@ddpadil Thanks for response , yes it is guidewire

if you have worked upon , it is In , search claims Assign Group , Select Group, exact path sharing is not possible as of now, I have to check for that.

oh ok.
It’s really hard to test without having the environment.(I don’t see any assign group)

Hi Medical,

That is really good that you try to divide your menu into categories. If you still working on your navigation menu definitely you should read about user experience tips to improve website navigation. https://www.netguru.co/blog/10-ux-tips-to-improve-website-navigation. I believe you will find it helpful!