How can i get attributes using find children?

I have been trying to fetch price and name of products using find children.

I used innerHTml to get the details of all the products , but I want to display only price and title.

hi @GazalShukla

Use title (or) aaname in Get Attribute Activity instead of InnerHtml

Ashwin S

Hey @GazalShukla

To get idea on Find children activity and how to use it to get attributes try below links:

How to get names from the Find Children activity - #2 by aksh1yadav


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Hi… Get attribute activity is not returning value for property ‘aaname’. So instead I used a for each to iterate the Inum to get it as item.attribute(index); item.attribute(3) returns output as ‘aaname’. But I need the value contained inside aaname. Any suggestions on this pls.