Get attribute and Find Children activities - Unable to derive drop down items

Dear All,

(Note: I did refer to previous UiPath forum topics)

I am trying to derive drop down items for a field on a website and save it to excel.

I have tried implementing the process using ‘Get attribute’ and 'find children ’ activities but to no avail.

Attached here is the workflow I have designed.

Please can anybody suggest a solution?Get Attribute_1.xaml (11.1 KB)

@neonova @skini76 @nadim.warsi

Did you go through these? Similar Lines…


Else we can try exploring the Get text option using for each…

@neonova, Yes, I tried editing the workflow attached on those forum topics. But Nothing changed. I am still receiving an error.

I am trying to extract all the items from the drop down menu.

Please, can you tell me what’s wrong with my workflow?


Its a selector issue as usual, Try doing it with firefox or IE and give me the selectors here

I tried using firefox and seems to work for me

Try thisGet Attribute_1.xaml (12.0 KB)

Also @nenonova, I am receiving foloowing error:

Can you make it work in chrome instead of FF and IE?


Get Attribute_1_Chrome.xaml (12.0 KB)

Try this

@neonova Appreciate your help but I am trying to automate the process for the “Block No./ Block Name” Field on the website.

In your workflow, you have edited the selector for “Area” field and that same selector after editing the id doesn’t work for Block No. Block Name field.

Please, can you show me how it can be done for “Block No./ Block Name” field instead of “Area”?

Also, I need to add every item extracted from the drop down to the excel sheet.

Please, can you advise me on that as well?

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Hey @Tom1989

I have done for sample Area select box similarly you can follow for others :slight_smile:

please do not tag people in every post even for reply you are creating. Many Active people willl see and if they will be able to help then then will reply so have patience and wait.

Only tag people if you think they know answers and you are not getting to make it work via other responses :slight_smile:

Thanks a Ton in advance to understand my concern :slight_smile:

Get Attribute_ByAksh.xaml (13.7 KB)




Hi Aksh,

Appreciate your assistance in tackling this problem.

Can you tell me what exactly was wrong with my workflow?

How did you find the right selector for find children activity? UiExplorer and Inspect element option on the website do not yield required selectors.