How to get data from product details page?

I am a novice learning RPA using UiPath and these days I’m trying to get some data from some online store, and I have a problem.

So far, I can read a category page like [] and can scrap the product names and links to each product page and put them into an Excel.

Now I want to read the image Url, Ratings & Seller Name from each product page, for instance from page:

Can you please help me with this?
Thank you!!


While getting the product name and URL get the Image URL and Price By data scraping in the home page.
And you can iterate the Table and get the Seller name and ratings by screen scraping (Get full text). and use Dynamic Selector so that it will work for all Product.

Suresh J

This is another site “” that I am trying to scrap, this what I have done.

I have recorded my steps to get to “Laptop- Buy Products Online at Best Price in India - All Categories |” and then scrapped data off the first page and recorded my steps to move to the details page.

Now what steps should I implement to get data from the details page?

pls give a step-by-step description if u can, I’ve been stuck on this issue for the past 5 days, thank you


If it is a Structure data like Flipkart URL you shared we can use Data Scraping Method to scarp the data whichever visible in Datatable format for your Referencegetdata.xaml (13.0 KB)

If u want more data like Specification, feature etc which are not visible in overview follow below steps

Open the browser then search for the product,
then Capture the product list and URL of the product by using Data Scraping output will be Datatable
Iterate the Datatable open the product URL then capture the required data using GET text or Get Full Text which will capture the data which can be written in excel or added to Datatable.

The thing you need to look is selector which will behold the static value while to record change it to dynamic. Attach browser, Get text holds the static value of your first selection like

use wildcard or pass the value to the title so that it will be dynamic.

Suresh J


Sample for dynamic Selector getdata.xaml (20.4 KB)

Hope this help you.

Suresh J