Extract Data from Details Pages of Several Items


I’m trying to extract data from a certain website (for the example sake, let’s use Amazon.com) but I need to get data from each of the product’s details page, something like the “Item Weight” which only exists on the inside page.

I’m very new to UiPath and not familiar with the terminology, so I’d really appreciate a step by step explanation (or a link to a video/article) explaining the process.

Although sending a ready made file is highly appreciated, but this is not what I’m looking for, as I need to learn how it’s done.

Thanks a lot

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I would start with the UiPath Academy - specifically the Developer Foundation course.

This example will be covered.

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

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So to ur query u can approach the following way

  1. Open the website

  2. Scrape the details like url of all products using datatscrapping

  3. Using navigate to activitiy looping through each url u can go to each product page and using get text activity u can extract the product details

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Hi @fouadqasem

You can check this video will help you,


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